Ongoing plight

Out of the darkness forth a shadow came,
Sits upon the bench in that darkness same,
Air it breathes thus ventures towards its host;
Lays still by;- feet planted in mud ere lost,
Brings closer to himself that his shadow boast, Read More

The wind

The wind in between me and life grew stronger,
As I made myself a way of words that stirs, inwardly;
Suddenly within a mist my numbness succumbs here,
For I can share no smile nor laughter with none but void,
How daring my eyes twitch at the sight of light forgone,
In my heart that fares greatly towards the faintest smile,
And gives unto me life another where I walk through the mist; Read More

But while

Since my last breath I have driven myself an ocean round,
In the life that I last myself that I shall drown myself,
Towards the crust of my burn’ed ashes I recompense thence,
As wounded my heart grieves the passing of my greatest,
As shunned my skin how cold it wilters as I pass further,
And frail as my once tender heart weakens from great a cruelty,
Alas, brings me forth a stunned skin that soaked in tears alay,
In the yolk of my passing I shall pass through thee and seek, Read More

For light as we

I looked over my shoulder and found nothing,
But when I began myself forward the light faded,
And so when I lit my only candle with that last match:
By then I had become one with the Sun and all its glory,
Once more I look over my shoulder and find something;
If it were something then I am the source of that light,
But if it were thine, truly then are you my only source.

Onward lay

Onward lay the sun that sets,
That moon which rises forth,
It creases the clouds and shuns the night,
As bigger my heart folds, and day sing,
For now it laments, and sleeps away,
In the next morning however, shall be greeted,
Then, at that point, I am again once more whole.

In memory of loss

While the shackled foes twice embarked delay,
Whose respite ere danger stir for twice done,
At the gaze of Hers in Paris thus made,
That for cradle in Life for thee I give,
Gestures towards the envy thus stood hence,
For the glass of wine drunk and in blood stained
Shook Me my blessing made never besought, Read More

Evenings sound

On the brooks but that solely glittered in his sight,
Justly sat and looked inward unto himself reflect,
Began to see the new man beheld,
And loudly his thoughts reimagined thus;
Casts his yonder self into parting,
As the waters in his eyes slowly stood ere smiled; Read More

For what wither lay

But only innocent for whence besought estrange,
Am leaving; for way behest astound griefs her breath,
Promised myself for the ferry that takes me hence,
Delights in ocean wept the tears I shall drown therein,
For lining tether our love that our hearts shall bind,
Alas, alas so for distance drew me farther from ye great,
Hollow for once aloud and linger agrew abroad forsake, Read More