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On the brooks but that solely glittered in his sight,
Justly sat and looked inward unto himself reflect,
Began to see the new man beheld,
And loudly his thoughts reimagined thus;
Casts his yonder self into parting,
As the waters in his eyes slowly stood ere smiled;
For greener the grass and sound; for better his endured,
Aloud fair but only mystified by slight sunshine ephemeral,
At long last did he breathe the new happiness in such light,
That of his Sun and of our dear Creator touched upon his,
Summons the Night and walks steadily through so nocturnal,
To have vanished into the desolate world and all his realities combined,
Sunk his heart into the silky frames of the open blue slowly beseeched,
Cancelled the gaze upon the hind of his self; the gaze that followed better,
Did finally renounce the utter darkness and embraced His greatest,
Upon her Her lips bowed and kissed; for so she wept and lingered,
To have now smiled he and motioned backwards through the trees,
Into the lasting sun but only so her heart did torment and slowly ran,
Towards him as though she could; lest he into the light ere succumbed,
Tears his clothes apart and in anger but happy still truly withheld himself,
And as his eyes slowly turned the sun that blinds him and punishes around,
Pushes him through the brooks and into still water as tripped through banks,
Suddenly finds himself in her arms once again and brings himself ever alone,
As the night decays; the rain poured and finds himself carried away,
Awakens for light shone, his anger depleted as depleted his heart endured,
And for mortal rest his brought, and at the time commenced, it longed ever so;
Walks away from her cold stone, that rides his bike into the rising sun once more,
Breathes again the morning air and slowly realises the years that past for sullying,
Abides by Her and towards the brooks same stood and in Her for better evenings sound.

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