Home ยป For what wither lay

But only innocent for whence besought estrange,
Am leaving; for way behest astound griefs her breath,
Promised myself for the ferry that takes me hence,
Delights in ocean wept the tears I shall drown therein,
For lining tether our love that our hearts shall bind,
Alas, alas so for distance drew me farther from ye great,
Hollow for once aloud and linger agrew abroad forsake,
Cuts for mine and bleeds towards ye for mine in death astound,
Breaches thy yolk of integrity that elusively walks through me,
Proudly and sighed the signed heart writ upon only faints there,
Only fair, and so for awhile await veils my love into decadence,
Zooms towards the heavenly abyss and in sombre light void rest,
Thought ye only different, that walks ye run towards my space fair,
In that place walked, and sooner towards what wither lay,
For the pain that pains me and the pleasure that tears me forth,
The sorrows adjourned my soul greater peace in heaven than for hell,
Alas, for pain in my brow esteem for little lost in ye than mine regained,
Corrupts my heart for fear of thy love and all Venus blessing upon me reign,
Of pain for long shall crease me sound for thy skin crawls inward my heart,
Justly gruels and decays as through darkness conjure, as through death last.