Home ยป In memory of loss

While the shackled foes twice embarked delay,
Whose respite ere danger stir for twice done,
At the gaze of Hers in Paris thus made,
That for cradle in Life for thee I give,
Gestures towards the envy thus stood hence,
For the glass of wine drunk and in blood stained
Shook Me my blessing made never besought,
Alas, for it be also my curse thence.
Her bosom torn no milk for People more,
Though regrows can my heart never unlock?
Encased in olive branches She shall pick,
To offer an olive for the seed grow
More my offspring in Happiness love spread;
So posterity upon Her wreathes look,
Remind them the sacrifices hath made,
Forget never ancestors, siblings fraught,
Endure thy Government the terror fought,
In my stead Security continue,
At every night all to endure silence
In that slumber as mine conceived lest wept,
Again gestures towards them their ways,
Heathen and wrought lack none but apathy,
That as our Liberty pronounced as we,
Let no nationalist take ere exploit,
Wrung for no patriot preach but for love.

Thus while we stand in Unity present
So long as She stands our Happiness made,
That in our Fraternal bonds is France whole.