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Since my last breath I have driven myself an ocean round,
In the life that I last myself that I shall drown myself,
Towards the crust of my burn’ed ashes I recompense thence,
As wounded my heart grieves the passing of my greatest,
As shunned my skin how cold it wilters as I pass further,
And frail as my once tender heart weakens from great a cruelty,
Alas, brings me forth a stunned skin that soaked in tears alay,
In the yolk of my passing I shall pass through thee and seek,
Seek the once greatest love that I gave heart to imagine,
But in the road that I travel under that I bring deeper, deeper;
How soon I shall reach the stars and make my water my air for life,
But while I am under the guise of love I shall remain remain,
Away from the darkness and light and burdened only by shadow lost,
Soon beseeched by my weeping, and towards simple pleasure there await,
For that pleasurable pain that brings hurt unto me so gravely,
Thy kisses are more the far painful things I’ve felt than hand,
Reaching myself for the heart that betrays me great, lest be envied,
Soundedly swims through the surface and my life thus renewed,
But shall leave this world through the sky and towards the stars,
Where shall I under them had I slept shall above them remain awake,
In watching thee gives me the patience required by me to await,
But while I am still; but while I am greater than what stars allow,
Brings me closer to the abyss, for neither no dark can ever forgive;
As gestured my sleep into that I fade, while one eye open for thee,
When arrived from thy life of lustre and descent into my domain hasten,
For can run ye from me; but shall have more the eyes to see ye than me,
That once we remain above the stars, I shall darken thine as mine brightens,
Linger there that child abandoned looking up at the stars and sees us unite,
So when all stars fall, we shall together through the ocean and from Earth reborn.

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