Home ยป The wind

The wind in between me and life grew stronger,
As I made myself a way of words that stirs, inwardly;
Suddenly within a mist my numbness succumbs here,
For I can share no smile nor laughter with none but void,
How daring my eyes twitch at the sight of light forgone,
In my heart that fares greatly towards the faintest smile,
And gives unto me life another where I walk through the mist;
Then at the very border between me and them grew distant fair,
Casts the last ray of light upward my eyes gazed better,
Mirrors myself to the water below me whereupon I descend,
Grab held and towards my sunken ship of joy sounded her horn,
Brought me in her motion the path that moves me greater,
Brought me to the surface with her my arms be shaken,
Yet through the yolk of our journey there lingers a soul;
Battling for a host; kneeling for mercy, and gestures lightly,
Soon in that spite foretold, shines and fades away into the mist;
That her last ray of light can clear the path for us and all,
So when the waves bring us to the shores of happiness
There remains a ship that brings us to a kindred life once more.