Towards year end

Alas my dear of whole year did greet me raspy,
Long endured have ye in my brow this for not,
Mated with all the dark imperils and whatnot,
Gave me penance towards the happy ends endure,
Gave me REASON for long awaited patience procure,
Alas not for mine but for thine had mine efforts
Prove not in vain but in great endearance of the latter, Read More

Darkness for poison

Will you in my finest wine respect the light,
And from whence the colours blind the eyes glow,
Dresses in a distant fade the darkness banished,
That idol called ye God now calls me forth hither,
At token thus kneels and makes greater the foe was,
In the gestured frealty of the virtue once it lost,
Abstains never from what casted world ere fraught,
Step towards the blood from which many a fire escape; Read More

Darkening plight

Because I like the darkness; it raptures me so,
Strikes me towards the heart; never thought ere saw,
Never thought ere saw, as the gestures mock silent,
Through the bewild’ring footsteps that unto grass fade,
Oblige me thus to follow as I descend further never lost,
Leaving all value of mine; leaving all morality hence,
For within the comfort of darkness, we most truly are blind; Read More


Tidings gave me providence to say this:
Where waves fight do I feel calm;
Where I fight so shall the waves respond.
Alas, where both fight towards that to which I travel:
I won’t give up, but ambition strikes me by.

Nature’s clause

While I view the world contrary,
If it were possible, I would enjoy,
Touching the peaks of all mountains;
Although, where that peak collapses,
Wherefrom so do I collapse upon me.

Darkness consume

Unduly feathers through glass depart,
Never enduring a fainter smile wrought,
Better features than paradise lost;
I’ll gamble with Reason for better toll,
Her gates slowly open and he enters,
With no contempt perceived his lustre void;
Grief encircles all around and recalls thus: Read More

Human still

My dearest love: you are not so to me,
I am demonic and unaccounted for,
Whilst even hatred you have is scornful yet,
So love me and enjoy this treat,
That of her fruit may ripen at the first taste of my lips;
Daren’t allowed that even the Serpent shall frown upon it.
Nevertheless, am hollow for a while,
Towards that reproach thence she gazes,
So evil abides and of Freedom transposed thereof.
Given this, I am human still.

To bed

Witness that tree once uprooted that knowledge rupture,
Sought thereafter that tread and slowly crawls right in me,
Encapsulated that my correspondence to God does breach,
Can feign my worship and linger in this world for longer,
For ye to tell me what vain, and perforce thou my wits retained,
For that virtue ere lost that purity only faint; sang hither sprung: Read More