Home ยป Bellowing night

Yonder a lovely chill invades me greatly,
It suddenly weeps that laments my folly,
And looked westward in the gaze that bore the sun
Which gestures in a glistening glow a ghastly farewell,
Unto the sea it sunk as I turned behind and watched me fade,
For the whistling wind that howls my name fraught me
To a greater indemption that never lights my path never,
While it brings me further towards the distant waves tread,
As brought in me that cools the shades of my soul torn;
For it by this time had in great time allow night become,
As they elevated the familiar tunes that freely wander
Their hearts embolden this night for what greener ere blow,
But doubt in their hearts as I wonder in my own world below
That onto my heart brings me a subtle joy,
Which unto my bone shakes a lesser chill than heaven divine,
Slowly I departed towards the final peace that I shall find,
And forwards I engage that my reflection seen frees me here,
So that in the castle of my own mind what lingers is only dark,
As it maims me anew, so too does the bellowing night desist.