Home ยป At the banks

I stood at the banks whence that final river lay,
For twice more stepped forward and thought awry;
My life ever happier and so scattered her ashes at bay,
Did witness the turning of river to wine her ashes fly,
From hence drank and knew not our two souls truly belay,
So sat on that soft grass the wind that whispers her name,
Breathes that sorrow I emit and weeps through rain ere delay,
Vaunts at my solemn approach and through the water did in vain,
As slipped her heart unto the caressed waves and my eyes forsook,
And greases the hands through the mud of that so chalice so fair soak,
Past the reeds and keeping sounds that long of my retreat yonder stare,
Counted from there her tender words as though a mute for mine crease,
At last stood and to my senses rose; surely as she bids farewell and fade,
Now distant apart and walking closer to home to her children as ours,
Finally realised the importance of mine in life as her in family.

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