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I write loads of poems on many subject matters. Since I have a huge amount, I think it’s a good time for I to start revising them and actually giving a majority of them titles! It’s really important that my works can to some degree apply to at least one person in our world. Thus, I appreciate it so much that even one person likes a poem of mine or follows them. I do my utmost to bring new content to everyone; but poetry is not something that I mass-produce but is a pasttyme that requires my words to be a portion of my mind; for narration to be the essence of my conscience.

Within the next few weeks I will be adding new and improved versions of my poems, correcting some grammar and other mistakes. It’s true that some of my poems can be extremely long and far from rhythmic, but neither life nor gold can never be just the same.

Be sure to follow me for more amazing content to read, whether poetry or prose! Feel free to request a theme or style that I should write in for my next poem!