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I go, and so shall I go hither towards that wherein I go;
Moving, and so moving; that which travels forth ere await,
At last, hence the stricken path be led; were only shortest,
For wept, and lays down the arms whereupon shall I sleep,
Alas, it’s not only the suited cause for hourly torment mine bereaved;
Shone his false light that dares the summoned shadow upon me ghast,
Call yonder the slipping nymph feels the darkness sap the Life upon,
Past the lined greets ye, but Happiness of what short mile distant told,
Keys to my soul, only unlock for mine untouched can never be caged,
And for the greatest climb through rock and tree shall closer be to ye,
Worthy of mention, how the only steps are ones that I shall know,
Concurs with me that lines with chalk her name written now wilts.

Lifts me her from my depress’ed state though with energy only walk,
To have my legs and so move me as my heart reels round her spun,
At last curdles beside the cold and frowns; though surely sees her,
By grave concern did not she trip; by yearning desire abate only,
As equals as I unto her; as close and Free shall she in me embrace,
While one in the flesh and mind, reappears at Nature’s gaze found,
To have questioned myself what changed ere sees better henceforth.