Home ยป He called me

He called me at night while sleeping, I thought be dreaming somehow;
It seemed real, to have been approached not so physical but like so,
Embraced his words through cowardly haste and at lengths besought,
Gallantly waved for attention yet soothed by footsteps his upon me reach,
To have thought it were my heart that be stepping into my life this time
Only grazed the hairs that tighten with every metre closer did once he lay,
As soon as his head was raised surely he should have noticed me alas not,
Were drunk again, and never recovered his true path as never have I,
Frankly, it is no secret that I do hate him but also love him for so I was,
To have myself chaste is only a luxury if I were only so sincere towards him,
But, like all cold and fire my own fight towards the inferno only incinerated me,
To have been burning for so long could not have only burnt love but swiftly,
Feeling calm however, in the misty hills of my deep thoughts did brush me so,
As I starred towards the infinite lake and finally saw myself scooped the water,
To evaporate into the air and I dissolve into it fell united to myself as ever,
Once departed and heaven alighted on my shoulder carrying this burden describe:
For as it were so heavy as burdened in me so fair and lay, as iron hangs so shall I,
Under collapsing pillars my life does fall and calls upon me this heart of iron disown,
So great that I shall be happy; and so free that I shall enjoy the benevolent of us all,
While eerie his enraptured self shall always encapsulate me,
So silent is he that invites loudness from me,
And closer to him as silence ought never beheld to be,
So disappears into the blank while my thoughts tender him so.

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