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Decay is the life that passes through shadows ours awhile,
Yonder smelt the clutches of her disdainful yolk it pours,
Casts me through the light as blindeth upon me did conjure,
Veils her treachery that encumbersome flask her tears lurk,
Avow for mine shall not thine of grease to have slipped night befall,
Ask of me for few moments and under her flesh she gladly tears,
Frees her Conscience that the soul fly for not I adapt and weep,
That of her wings shall eclipse the darkness for radiance kisses fair,
Attaches my heart at her core and towards the inner Earth only fares,
Stood tall that for our unity shall defy physics and his laws for this time,
To have this heat generated did not I measure for my energy does dissipate;
Nature hears not her cry for She knows and so She passes by Mercy wrought,
Chose the latter I alack the sound of what may can linger in me for so long,
Divided as magnets we can never unite for we are only contrary resolve our to,
But this illumined wing does shine only for the time being, it lasts forever now;
What once we had can be so but for the condition that thou shalt never
Upon my bruised sight does tender my wounds can never looketh upon me,
Just that, and may love give you time to heal those tears evaporating,
Binds ye long, though slowly renounces her love and enrages silently,
As though hearing and seeing were luxuries and found myself here,
Should I die may I; for rebirth shall resolve me greater than life anew,
No words spoken by her though longing her actions undone arite,
Alas would face Justice as on this bed my final minutes are only spent,
Closes mine eyes for the last time as my love does take me once again.

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