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And now, resolved erelong depart and motions greviously;
Hurt and only the most of the greatest in the oppressed state,
Fair made me the hellish figure that fire can only bind me aground,
That no ice can ever extinguish, for Nature preserves me as content,
Bore me none but willful hate and retribution for all my context waver,
Hurls me through night and day alone that all eyes close, and thus closed;
And faintly as a ghost through day and night mine eyes open, always open;
In darkness am only so apparent; for the first and last ye see shall ye see;
Shall ye see, and frought that the fright in ye that fear disperse as I in ye,
To have myself though only for a while that fades in me to black that covers,
Creased here, for the fold that turns sighs heaven awake dispensable fear,
Ingrown pleasure to have consumed leadership in me avow hence forsake,
Ravens do encircle me that night aclose do accost me ominous while gone:
Strange is he that walks for the ambition swept while Happiness ever wept,
Cursed me, and cursed for all destroyed for what vain desire secure agowned,
Endorsed the longing does he reach for all and never alone by company fare,
Looks me in that eye upon which that eye did address ye my friend greatest,
For my halberd shaken and pointed at that figure high above deny me here,
To have gauged thine eyes; to have mutiliated thy word; to have deafened ye,
Through these amid walk and slowly decay a lo astound that beastly entail,
Profess my lined Reason upon what estranged ignorance wrought herein,
That knows ye further than beknownst myself the deepest trenches await,
Aloud and fairly so in mind though silent in word of mouth can finally decree:
Of slowest impulse haughtishly obliges his steps in Life ere traversed sound,
That of the steps taken and trust no guarantee albeit unworthy of gathered rage,
Towards nether glow unwinding adornment cracks the glass stood stationary,
And falls; falls; falls, towards the burning tree that tears us apart yonder agrey,
Bespokes me surely soothes though wrath contradicts and lingering better awhile,
So thither shun her darkening gaze and the shadow shrinks as lesser as I,
Proof through day only makes me realise greater, for words spoken truer found.

In the open sea and the smell of the salt does relax me greater,
Through the waters of purity this Nature hath resolved me fairer,
Call I upon all that past through lovers past and father-son appear,
Disdain and descend upon us through the great pillars of our World unite,
To allow and hence resound esteem the fleeting ear whose screams prepare,
Faintly coward before mighty fear his longing stalk reek in havoc and anguish,
Attesting the solitude of our own that moral despair be incinerated there before,
Reduced to bitter waste and frightless ire ferociously biting into our hearts faint,
Or slowly burn us to our own soil for the soiled attempt did I countless drew,
Have driven through miles of peculiar sorrow and knelt and bowed for utmost reserve,
Fornaught I amid longing frail and light of disguised deduce for carnal frail scorn,
Wounded I and pitied lux shall pat the damn upon my nailed attempt destroy,
Laughs and insanely talks through the counter social dissipate liberal eyes adhere,
Endow that life forgotten for shone upon the lost light the abyss marinade us all,
Longing near that the single lamp in the lonely pit of deep and dark despair untold
Our great desire to be whole with ourselves and never in jest with none but a few,
Pities not the silent folk of unassertive measure and listens not for word unsolicited,
To have forged of my own soul and committed that forgery in synthetic doom brided,
Nothing for mine if ever found can truly be so while her screams of utmost lax allow,
Heard of I through queried contemnous riot through her criticism of I noticed yet,
Know now for myself ere mistakes betold and lessons known for one sighted then,
I am thy only unloved to have loved and be loved; alas my mind unmade and sung,
Invite me to the fiery depths and know what creations wrought upon me banish with,
Leaving we are, and upon loud greeting saw the darkness and bade me there towards,
Towards the darkness; towards the abyss; towards night and blank and black avow,
For not I alone can shun the fold but only redemption sought for thee what humiliate,
Forgive, and never forget; for shall the world depart as I in glass wept stands stilly by,
As bewept that zealot of love and grandiose suppression lust of my blood repose gown,
And I shall pass away towards the twilight with happiness knowing ye at my side,
Unheard of for my life dies, and lets slowly of thy hand illusioned in me egress through,
Uttered through pained orifice muted word fails through sand and fire towards burning hate;
For incinerated is the love had, for loss is the gain that ye have made henceforth,
Crafts he the ship that shall guide him through this world alone and know better,
Echoes not the voice objective and sound through shun lay and to night belay,
Rideth there towards the sea of sorrowful souls whence despair feeds not mine own,
Departs, and looks aback at ye for thy motionless temper that stature had brought ye strong.

Already am I so far from ye that shall my heart from my chest ransack me as parted us,
And while that ring only stayed in ye for so long that oxidates as greater our paths way,
Touches thy heavy breath and petrifying gaze upon me erewhile thought once the cure,
From thy charmed spell freed only myself; leaving here and so leaving towards the open,
The waves that sunk in me and freer towards freer world does invite me forth lesser than ye,
Nearer and hearing not thy chants of my name no longer can feel only Nature and heard,
Indeed besotted I for longing closer though impractical of what measure now as motioned,
Freighted allude me lying greater wherewith allowance ought named to change me,
Bridges of the lining and all my memories fade into blank and fog for all read,
Casts myself towards the light as bitter cold slowly invades me here slowly,
Deathly is she who knows pain of her love alas reacts only the same,
For pity the man and I whole as our greater hearts conquered bad,
Soon that rather better love we ourselves as equals fare and bare,
Sat beside me only the light in this dark and aw-fearing night
As beckoned me at the helm for long turned as storms,
Only more resilient and strong that meanwhile struck,
Towards land and to have arrest my Conscience this great love touch,
Breach my wall of steadfast barrier well that shal I that well drunketh upon,
Feels not the pain that venomous thunder upon me did not the snake shame,
Summoned ye once loved that to have robbed me of me and ye of ye,
As soon for wishing disdain, avast; yonder call never at me again,
Harmoniously from thee soon approach, at last in peace,
That shall in this great world explore more than just ye,
Embraces not the individual but of Nature and Liberty,
To have brought me to no peril frought lessened amidst,
As fairer and stronger am I to open day sees here,
Remember what times had past for I be here,
Exhuberates all that conjures for daily survival,
Gaily passes time enviously of days gone by.

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