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Treads the path towards the light n’er forsook,
Grafts his Happiness anew yonder Sun befall’n he;
Abyss how dark that may cover his eyes for all darkness remain,
No more for not so that our Sun shall his blight does extinguish,
Alway through great measure does the light exile the dark,
Sounds Nature’s reserve through his eyes now to have made,
Though alluring; shuns not the night nor day though rises,
Banishes ye darkness from thy pillar forth does descend upon me,
That fights ye upon me does it linger in me only be dark spots mine,
To have endured and lived is only to have half risen above ye recompense;
Shone the mirror unto Her that lights my path the diamond erupts soothe,
Forever renounced the deathly howl this darkness winds through me fade,
Frail herein beknownst upon my head the aeviternal cloud swept life mine,
Whispers my name through long despair erie crafts not my melancholy more,
Astound of what lay sees truly our Nature for what spawns She upon me sake,
Follows me not through night for her cousin Night does stare at me so fare,
Through fields of woe and forests of haven beshook upon my brow disdain
Gruels through the sap of my wound that cuts me forth amid this solemn state,
Never thwart my conspiracy to Her for long ought not never be sounded done,
Casts me away the Night she weeps through what soft rain touches me faint,
Tears that innocents weep create me the betterly person distant from all others,
Breathes heavily for mine only to last towards the bridge does indeed beckon,
That to have seen ye Light for my soul unite with ye that kisses my heart earn’st;
Sees ye again for great deal this time as my shadow does rise and move with ye;
Charges me with her commanded sight from me does steal as towards her lept,
For so closer to Nature and away from vile Humanity does the Sun ever me steal.