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As crowned ye Queen for Thee and blinded what reflects here;
Here, corrupts the wealth of Nature at long behest did not I find,
And found at greatest thine, my heart to have spread wings brail;
United with ye and for what Happiness in me eternally endures,
And shall peacefully lay and kneel for so long as pleasure allows,
To the greater ends our greatest find had ye been our intellect,
Shrieks not the foes though envy rocks through the cavern ere;
Wandering through love sanctioned my heart is content with ye,
Over the stars could not one pass we touch; for felt I thine behest,
To have patented our love for the infinite years between us fold,
Amid the doors that separate us both for rung ye no answer made,
Relished the loneliness here and tomorrow embraces ye forever,
Shall not I spill the question as last time nervously hence spoken,
Shall be the gentleman as the man respects the woman as We,
That fails not for ye ungarnished as never falter the heat endow,
Enquires for minutes more as our blood boils this wine allow,
Hurries through mind of great resolve that paralysed be in mine
Had lay for mine knelt upon ye bestow the crown Happiness forge,
Names ye not for mine be thine as thy smile heals all wounds now,
For not the venom thy poison does heal me twice and thrice more,
As greater day had shun I stare upwards for what God gave me such;
Only so fair as we beget and live farther to greater days long ahead.

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