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For I walked before the open road did I not see the path laid before me,
Had been running for so long and escaping all reality for all times ahead,
My name carved on the path alas did I not take,
My thoughts lost erie had long fragmented;

For I shall forever endure the pain of my pain forsaken rites beheld,
Linger greatly of the calm ocean treat once and ran twice,
Sought the bewilderment of Nature apprehending me passion with;
As the fraught world sought not I henceforth beseeched redeem,

There, since alighting on the path through which I yonder walk,
Sees not the light nor dark but of my pale shadow from hence motion,
Though faster than I did not make myself ought to be through life’s pretense,
What words ere describe that for thou lay art not to besought in mine,

But while the world transpires into dissidence for wrought I ascend,
Hatches not the Conscience for mine resolved yet,
Reaches for solemn word pronounced this path ought be led alone,
That I shall lay the stones for posterity and peerage follow unto;

Attests to Mars and Jupiter my final stake held does wear my hand,
Lays down my weapon and assumes Her as my only shield;
To have Reason protect me is greater than all offence effected,
As the path builds behind so and the fog clears: Civilisation is born.