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Wealth has enlarged ye atop that mountain of fame transpire;
Known ye long though acquainted with shadows past forgets me,
Bashful thy look at my tempest approach whose bent will torments;
Hides the measure for what lining at eyes met through gracious reward,
Aloud did not retreat to the darkness; with false confidence raises forward,
Wince at the final touch whence sown his heart that rips him far apart,
Shrinks so and the ramparts whereof only befit the stomach ere bigger,
Courts me through his grand room the bed always warm though not of mine,
Against his lips did not of that justly never sink to greet the lapse of ours held,
For words never spoken as the face guarantees thy final glimpse of an answer,
Soothed by the abrupt silence where lay the material touch and felt of silk reprise,
Held me close of that muscle to have bore me what enlarged ye make of so fair,
But my heart remains of the untorrid jest thou moves me to the lasting wave fare;
To have known ye was only to forget ye once; to forget ye all was truly to have known ye,
Curse for mine that had slept that of the blood I surrendered to ye had stained me whole,
Before the eclipsed lamp thus he stood before me though only a bear in disguise kept;
Alas known ye that for summer there be the winter here thy cold breeze unmoves me,
To never name ye but myself as thine and kisses ye for the final time thus we wept,
But never loving ye but mockery bespoke as long for mine did my heart repent for thee,
I’m leaving you, no more of all the vanity that spreads us apart as my legs have favoured,
Every god has a downfall, and so shall you; for knowingly freed of ye as shall ye be free.

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