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To grow tiresome of walking and fighting,
For grains of my own skin and wealth of my blood pour,
Slowly found myself at the perils of Nature beheld,
Upon my shaken brow wept through long notes sought,
At long last, the silence doth found me twain darkst,
Ere thus beheld for circumstance revised my yellowed gaze;
Whose held star reached brought through breezes of the fine wind gale,
Can soothe me and so move me as closer am I to Nature,
For escape our only gain of hope and this beacon of that tall lamp found,
Converses with myself and one only of mine towards the hither glow,
Shone the light not on my face but towards the stars does it not fade,
For grounded am I and lived for the first of my own at some point told,
Shielded under the trees the rain that patters unto my head does chill,
Faintly abdicates my place to lower at Her feet and sat for her command,
Thereunto yielded Her countenance the softly spoken amid the distant sky
Flies and so the tears upon me wrought from there shall be my own sorrow,
To have lost myself in greater abundance that all the trees to beckon company,
Shrieks in fear; for not lay my departure hence towards the fray shunned,
Callously awaited his impending trial of what only a flower by my lawyer,
Amiss the misguided and souls and ghosts of long parted scream at me,
Through the hands that reach me from the ground do only gracefully sink me,
Delivers Her kiss upon me that of her love once beheld did I only faint,
Wherefore to have loved me while so demonic and so love another; yet me,
So quietly feared though hither bespoken does the heart never ash to turn,
For the rock my only source of protection is; can never find greater,
And the fight continues; but only to let go of it all to lift Everest off me,
Though the cold mountain and howls the ambition of what pride summon,
Lets go, and slowly falls to the ground for Happiness be kept at bay,
Towards the favourite tree I go thorough though at its yolk disturbed in me,
Finds peace in me as all souls fade and the silence to soothe my hollow self;
Grafts yet another for the darkness become me as the shadow only falls,
To displace one light and so shall my becoming freeze to the fire astound,
Was burning in me this whole time to have raged though only blood put out,
Names another as tiresome as a lifetime hibernation does call me here,
Lays back unto bed for a lasting slumber for I awaken to the new life.

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