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Doctor, beside me sit; hear me for this dire need bespokes me;
For long had I endured the Happiness of life and indeed loved,
Enjoyed each day as though my first and last, such beauty beheld,
Would enjoy life for what it is, ignoring all the negatives as bliss took,
Sounded my music and read my books; watched my shows and theatre,
A wondrous life have I lived and appreciate it greatly for that Pleasure gained,
For the leisure had did not only procure my Happiness and Sustenance; but,
On this bed had this illness befall’n me and for thy profit to treat me so,
Look through life not for that materialistic value thine seekst would,
Though what hope am I while a product of thy ventures and never a patient?
To have fought or spent through these years here for the next day of life,
Alas, I reach great Justice upon me served that does inform ye this decision:
End my life. For I warrant no Happiness now and defy all laws and statutes here,
Here; upon my right did I not write this statute that is authored and witnessed,
So, sign it and shall ye be kept from prosecution as long as the statute is binding,
Indeed, it shall protect ye for I request my death at thy hand which merciful ought,
“Do no harm” that Hippocratic oath thou hast took prevents ye so from this?
To treat me unto that impending illness shall do me more harm than so,
For no injustice wrought upon me for I accept fate as it ought be and so granted,
For this statute shall indeed guarantee the procession of Justice that I deserve,
Longing for unity with Nature shall give me reprieve of what suffering I endure,
Who can understand the impending dead let alone the dead if not to die?
Do me no harm and leave me here to live for that shall alone harm me physical not;
For mental aright, grieves me this request be made in secret; and slowly it performed.

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