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Her features gave me wings that I would sweep,
Sung her voice those tears that roll down her face,
The water thereof so shall my blood alack,
My love and longing to her kiss waters,
That these insults wrought my flirting ways awe
Her to transcend from his arms into mine,
Scornful yet but one can’t not be reborn
For that be broken, this tale continues:
Now we’re sitting beside each other, ye in tears;
Accept all my kisses that my lips be dried for ye,
For my heart does leak and dry that I give all anyway,
How can I move away from ye with all we have?
Enjoys the swan that spreads those wings aroused,
Enjoys the courteous who encircle their counterparts,
Enjoys I in all beauty upheld that be solely indemnified,
Across the field do part I and leaving my own sex for ye,
Greased myself upon Thee and all for ye, what sex prided,
Sounded on thy breast those kisses whose milk does swim far,
Trusted my heart in between that I be eternally protected,
And anger sought to have paid little heed to her, but my own;
To whom shall love afford? Her or pleasure? Can both be?
In madness struck ravaged me did; tears that only extinguish,
But feeling nothing I; what love then, but was so broken no heart felt,
And soon made that decision as loved of her own kind rather than mine,
And unto mine eyes her anger felt this Earthquake that trembles me,
But soon forgave, but likened me to her gracious star,
That did kiss me so softly one last time as my tears finally fought lost,
Slowly fades into darkness that I would lose her forever.

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