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As my heart lay adrift in the yolk of sanity far astound,
Made peace within my solemn restitute for mine resound,
Felt the charred leaves that of my flesh did once compare,
Alas, through the path does lament the reaves upon which fell,
Sighs of my loss and slowly approaches me as laid in my own,
Writes to ye what loss incurred that no number ere ascribe,
Sought that for I destroyed only this speck of Life e’r describe,
Slowly vanishes as my flesh only tears;
Swiftly decays as time allows:
This heart that reveals, and my word final shall fall on thy lips,
Closer to you, but only never seen for we as blind as only we,
I would never sue for thy love, nor for thy touch whereupon fade,
Never would pursue the hopes found, as only an illusion as ye,
That lay in me for levy that heart shook whose blood chills,
Silently awaits the train dare that arrive ere they be took,
So abrupt she escapes as swift the shadow that pass ere,
Nigh solitude amid grasps of her heart conjure voice hers lost,
Peers her reflection aback that his face last seen does temper,
Truth does face whose person does weep the venom settles,
Slowly creeps through his skin that sounded pose rocks within,
Hollow spirit did move in he that shadow torment haunts fare,
Towards the night and slowly erupt his rage;
And towards her did finally break through as beastly now resolved;
As a statue there lay her heart n’er broken through her eyes only saw,
And bades that man his loss for her stalwart and better person reborn,
That leaves him to weep his first and last torments as she walks away.

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