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Torments me not for that risen from bed hence,
Counts the hours erewhile now did justly sleep,
To have defied Time’s forewarning amid pain,
Found ourselves distant apart in worlds frail,
To have only walked the land and the sea ought,
Casts the Sun’s rays at mine eyes to have fallen,
Breaches my shield do I not march her pillars through,
Can never reach her floor whereupon gazed at many,
For what man am I before her but of many eyes upon,
Made the enemy of Thee slowly to have decayed to ash,
Wherefore to have ye disguised lewd upon me did not I,
To have seduced me into the gall that I instead ejaculate,
Screams thy name whereat no voice the loud e’r heard,
So justly the silence treats me worse than I upon ye could,
Greets me to Nature’s temple thereof where I await ye,
For redeemed mine self grounds thy soul upon my own,
In the core of her stone did I not touch the cold slab ye rest,
Frantically summons the gale and water that would move awrest,
Shuns me so that linger thwart my longing heart that away washes,
Testifies before Venus the Reasons for this and defies all round I,
To befall’n for my sleep upon thy breast where shall I yonder weep,
Can never rage no more for such pain felt in me does crack my vase,
That does shatter my mirror for my face charred and scarred reveals,
Escapes ye so for my breath to last wrought ere ran towards the light,
Mets ye whereforth that henceward argument erewhile uttered therein;
Towers above the world to have myself as the only weeping God henceforth,
Justly takes ye that of thy tender body shall be only mine and thine whole,
That for thy blood alack did I not let mine to resolve ye for heart driest,
Astound upon me for long mine so dry already to have wrinkled so,
That of thy touch would it not be the ashes or burnt petals that fall,
That of the brute am I shall slowly erupt to the Inferno whence I came,
Brings ye to my haven here and this my final word uttered shall ye listen,
To bring thy eyes to conclusion for thy sight never be whole nor same,
Crafts for mine towards a single candle in our favourite shelter away,
To have spoken through as always shall we justly endure our kiss belied,
Slowly and did surely meet us here that shall thy figure remain as I live,
Walks through the magma and the snow both where sulphur fumes inhale
Shall be my only cause for living as the venom of thy love did inject in me,
Who both finally reach the gate of destruction and upon his calling declared;
Kneels before and atones for all his crimes that no Justice can ever serve,
To open and widely slow for them both suffer their eternal clause wrept,
Sounded his cries and the still thought silent sound and movement of hers,
Did walk into the fire and slowly weep as sounded his screams did conjure,
Did finally feel himself as felt farther into her can never resound in the world above.

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