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Beauty eternal that am robbed did I not shake,
Found in thee what lie within that heart beating,
And kissed the roses that do shimmer wildly,
So their smell of vixen perfume does soothe my gaze,
Her hand that caresses my cheeks does rub my tears,
For in my last her breath do I not exhale and breathe,
Alas at sight faded had her Conscience made mine low,
That of her love did I not live and in her shall support,
Denied that no tears nor blood ever tempt her that long,
Hers in her does effect that tremor in my heart that I fall,
Attempts ye at this kiss yet she may give me entrance,
Rejects me into the cold that I am lost in her life,
For such rage that flames in me does she calm with her touch,
That her fire thus extinguished and ascends as left of me,
Extinguishes me abrupt and delivers her tender words silent,
For our love has made thine eyes mine own, thine ears mine own;
Our souls were united and were indeed One, inseparable, never;
Lays thee in the ground whereupon shall my heart fail with thee,
That I regret what depreciation did cause ye that our love did forgo,
No smile nor tear distinguish thee what linger there thy sight satiate,
So moves back I and leaves ye the rest did punish me this pain wrought,
Rereading what I wrote to ye, what havoc I unleashed myself in,
While seeing you, did I not realise what I had lost in life forever.