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She was standing by the sea letting the waves touch her,
Those feet that feel the cold water gush inward and back,
She once met many a day for their company hers until him,
He was stout but handsome, but could never yearn to love,
As days went by, she longed to await his touch from afar,
In the other side of the sea there he would reside,
She longed for so long; she could never rest until fully so,
She loved nothing but to be in his arms and be defended,
As though every star henceforward had been every second
With him that would cherish all Happiness with all around,
That untoward perspective did hither shun that found view,
That felt unto his her own breasts though suddenly weeps,
She could no longer feed her young as she was slowly famished,
Tears of hers vacate her body like rivers from a mountain whole,
And flowed endlessly through her that they evaporate swiftly,
Then kissed her he; but could not feel nor aspire to what she did,
He truly wished he could feel for her but couldn’t, it was done;
His anger made him another person; but she still loved him,
Though together, a future that they could perhaps announce anew,
And did slowly after many years finally walk through that sea,
Did deliver that final kiss that would bind them forever.

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