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Cold air I breathe no longer chills me,
Sought the warmth there my Conscious fly,
Hence from my resolve did briskly walk alight,
Towards the open day conclusions wrought arite,
That the sun pass and the moon erupt luminous,
My shadow shall fade into the darkness, as shall I;
Am whole there, never so while the light upon me is,
Behold, what we travel and endlessly towards nothing,
To either evaporate in the light or dissolve in the dark,
Shall make me only human again; but one with Her,
Rather I to the core of our Earth through the soil touched,
Contrary that I may touch all the stars ere I this world depart,
We’re leaving; we’re moving away from ourselves to nothing,
Erelong would I not walk along the banks of any river asleep,
Awaken so that I may see the profounders of  long lost cause,
Soon disappear and the hearts slowly raised on my brow ashamed,
Shines their light as the souls join the stars as would I not join,
Escapes, and leaves the world for bitter days ahead nor spent,
No longer may I see the sun again for trapped in my days longing,
Dreaming for the light were that luxury brought on me from thence,
Sounded the drums of my heart that walk through me as it crawls,
Casts its shadow yet again that the light me beside does conjecture,
Leaves me, and through all Nature around me part: what loneliness,
From the skies above n’er sought my company, only forgotten last,
Walks farther to darkness alone; and retreats only through Time’s despair.