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Erewhile hence his road part solemn night wasted,
Slowly below and walked, silently this cold walks,
Berated he through all and breathed, sounded himself,
The swan that slept and aloud called he on they:
Speaks us two languages different, how so?
For I breathe shall ye breathe; look here to mine eyes,
So seen us both, so silent us both; motions here,
The river that speaks my name, does follow he hereto,
Mud that moves to me as rain descends on me,
Over bridges and under, the darkness kept,
Alas, there; to walk through my path favourite,
Did see two men from across did pass with stealth,
That the night does blind me their faces unknown,
That I shall turn and they walk with their hands held,
Thought to exit, but walked deep into it darkness.
Either murderers or hookers they, or both;
Walking they, and I followed; their footsteps heard,
Though afraid to follow, chose the path forward hence,
Further into darkness my own path follow,
So this bridge my favourite did I cross,
That though I they would be here, and shouted,
Though long no response entailed, meanwhile swept,
Where pitch darkness of great capacity did overwhelm me,
Adrenaline of fear boosts my energy here,
Slowly through this peril where the light is the loss,
Swiftly that mine beheld comfort preached exact,
Thought deeply of the two and justly returned,
In this gate thought closed did pass into abyss,
None to be found, and the park was indeed closed,
Though lost, shall always be memory of mine,
Looked round I this forbidden place this night,
Heard only the cars and bikes that did pass through,
Their hiding does strike me deeper so than they,
This world of mine now parted from theirs hence forth,
Only the rain could ever bring comfort now.

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