Home ยป Giving myself

Accept this kiss from this the fruit does bore,
That I may impress ye shall even impress Nature,
And tenderly soak ye soft towards that seed regained,
That I may conjure new life as ours renowned towards,
Where lay under the Earth does the fire never sleep?
For I stand shall always stand the mountain upon ye;
This blizzard can only motion me downwards to ye,
Guides through this world into the next us companions,
Through that tyranny whereof Hatred does sleep and gaze,
Envies our presence and surely finds herself in restful haze,
Slowly awakens and finds me at her window favourite awatch,
This breeze that soothes me and presence thine mine heart,
Returns and envelopes ye in my arms where the bed does creak,
Give thyself to Venus and accept me in her stead, for I too love;
When all this is over, shall begin anew and seek me for more.

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