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See those ashes that litter me whole as I unto they remain,
Grafts unto that stone his name does lift me thereunto carry,
In soil does the dry sand his rock does fire where amalgamates,
Sieves through that Earth through the core to the sky unto me,
Does risk his weary life through what oceans storm muster fine,
Causes mine in lack of thrice facts uttered that does plea adjourn,
His presence ominous does wreak my skin covers those eyes wide,
Atop that tower lay as walking by does this counterattack mine wait,
Attacks me so those figures ahead and looks dare Justice entails,
Higher so those cameras do stare into what lay that courtyard;
And there witnessed he what may treasure those voices do echo,
Casts my gaze through this night so quiet my footsteps heard so only,
That fruit from which thou lay and buried and only so this misery fought,
To say that not all monsters ought to appear inhuman but more human;
That say look into that core what imprisonment does destine mine impeach,
Motions me this dialogue sound this to my last clause erewhile once wept,
Slowly looks up; slowly walks forward; silently thinks: but nothing wrought,
Through those balistrariae does live in my rope upon heart does cling,
And slept soundly as only just to see what myself wrought upon that road,
Inside myself in cell and so disdained this night sky very upon which count,
Through this cold night and slowly descend downwards what lay laughed,
In daily thoughts does reckon my ancestors what be; as do myself fare,
Whose blood does leave never my hands; whence time surpass mine entail,
Shields that brought me these hands ought: sounded this life ever anew.

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