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To understand the Justice of our foes is ought render good,
Grief intact mine ought good for lies rendered evil alas conceive,
Doubted upon myself that flower does shriek the woods that scold,
Through which wondering go and by the lake does scream her last,
Soundedly slept upon the water and risen that light shuns I forthwith,
Brings her ashore through long astound the smile only petrified just,
Alas for this death made me the life of the Happy and sad of the avenged,
Disdainfully attested unto Nature what predator here and what prey lay,
To not have felt is for us to have wept, and our longing said feigned smiles,
For ’twere our blood to have let my own flowers jitter and bow towards ye,
Escapes with ye in my car that parked in this green oak whose gales howl,
That the rain and thunder does baptise us through long apparel my rage firm,
Softly looks up and the gates of Nature part from which the wolves beckon,
And through though thorough sighted still for my gesture that kisses ye whole,
To have known ye feigned our love and now her death reels me to her neck,
That this pale skin do I not kiss but shall bring thee life as our flesh fully unite,
To have seen all those before us had ere tasked upon me this what wrought:
For not our love did we afford nor the shelter had I in ye brought nor bought,
Succumbed to their greed that I their lonesome pack shall endeavour congeal;
Hence stares they upon us and lay there ye for our own testimony thus hear,
For I am guiltless and in this silent and most Natural court the cold does bind,
Can never feel my own hands nor upon ye that the warmth of thy heart does,
Shuns me into the darkness that I had dealt with they and never with ye,
For rather to have made Mars my antagonist and Venus my own protagonist,
This solemn sacrifice does weep me but nay can never describe what pain felt I,
That I indeed share all the joys with ye and they had betrayed me to break us,
Alas what love thine had broken ye and ye left did I not only innocently watch,
So lingering and had been loved and could never return it all the same for this:
Gives ye to the wolves for I am one; alas only known what these men do turn,
Can’t make the livid siren those fake tears of mine but truly genuine be gentle,
So, the noise of what my ears hear lay not the reality heard that shines before,
For I to hear would only sketch half from what lesser ear find only lept in ye,
That rather should I elude myself to be the saner and better frank individual,
While frail and yet upbeating does blind the happiness in me but also contrary,
These smiles uttered only financed through the depression descended upon us,
Harshly does my reproach fill the vacant seat amid the rain wept once but many,
Sits, finally relaxes; the sounds slowly fade around me the drink kept does gush,
Awakens and man whole for thy breath still focused as well as the gaze thine,
Sees they and upon my rage did they not bow and find defeated themselves mine,
Escapes and to have looked back behind and kissed ye as approached I bade farewell,
Would live the rest of my life in solitude as only the wolf does endure for I alone,
Drives out through the open road between these woods that I shall never return,
Hears a scream from behind yards since finds the angel on my mirror right so,
Never looks back but only halts to have my only company here as the storm,
To my left hears a door open and finds someone creep in with the wet smell here,
Tears that befallen on me as Nature does, can not describe what pain we do feel,
Stares at me and only subtly touches my hand as frail and cold her hands now,
Drives forth to our new life where silence and obedience only conjures happiness,
Through the darkness sound my car only, and left our past and worries behind.

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