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Who endures the hardships and walks valiantly hence;
Whose stature mighty did rise above ye that ballade wrest,
Aspiring those through long precipitate ere long awaited cause,
Through awaited perspire that longly crafts our fight beheld,
That sounds his presence those boots clicking, rustling behind;
Did not they hear those sounds that erelong ye walk for thine transpire?
Sits at my table here, that his story told does shape the night forth,
Across the room that those who hear in this warm bar as winter bites,
That candlelight and warm fire does bring the warmth and peace here,
Speaks my name of Reason whose logistics do form my compass there,
Declares the equations of Peace and Equality what ought be practiced,
For all nought that element those who prevent shall indeed recreate,
Aloud conversed and boldly that applause and cheer did fire extinguish,
That no sound than the debates heard the unReasoned shall indeed do,
Unresponsive to their mighty talents of Reason unlike their own does envy,
This blood that slowly drips does serve us Reason to use it more again,
Shall again retort, and shall again resort; for us in harm’s way does stand,
For to collapse the pillars of Reason is to collapse the pillars of Fraternity;
For to bleed the heart of one is to bleed the hearts of many, for pity wrought;
Retaliates through word that overwhelms and confounds, and only then this:
Shall their brains and hearts burn with words that steal their eyes and ears,
So for theirs in we do shall replace; and for posterity theirs shall we embrace,
Astound that Liberty regained throughout the land shall sound forever more.

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