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For it were not thy own to have lived,
For it had not been thine in her blood to have born,
Made this resource upon mine that does succumb thee,
Sounds in their pain that forms and does scream,
And loves you forever more, this prison that keeps;
In the end did once that I first loved you whereby fought,
And life that given us did have this profound effect upon me,
That whose life did breathe into ye anew made us truly whole,
And for us two, as he does say to me what mute ever mentioned,
His tears that do bleed me so; his blood that of mine own does congeal,
Whence does form the shield that my heart does notion this ye,
Alack the pleasure that does require the pain to sustain for pleasure,
Assunder did rise through that yolk erelong did perspire, no more;
Sits at thy bedside what memories did know and ours beheld,
Have taken ye here and of thy state wept and forever bipolar;
For not thy own, but lingers anyway; and did ask for life’s end,
And did become sound that mental strive and asks of me this perform,
For I shall sleep knowing ye; and awake forgetting thee,
Shuns me in this that I part does kiss ye the first and last my allowance offers,
Darkness covers; light decays; the shadows of ye only die as ye,
Watches me close as held ye in mine own grasp final did this concur,
Would have joined ye though our thoughts never one,
Would have felt ye though slowly passes and met does face reality,
Casts myself aside and to bed and warmth sans thy presence,
Will end this day now, wishing ye what life I offered all these years,
Only so, but finally weeps at thy graceful parting from me hence.

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