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During this time I thought myself as the trees dancing,
But after a while I realised that evermore did I stand,
This darkness, know, does shroud me and I see night,
Am I only so loyal as the eyes part whereto light fades,
Pities my still nature these trees do shimmer,
Still and fair; they beckon me sit at their feet to them look,
Breathes and smells that scent trees do emit, and does take,
Yonder widens my nostrils to smell more and slowly rests,
How tranquil, that my lasting does endure through this,
Silently, but waiting; does he only speak with Nature here,
Slowly, and ever waiting, rises as found in he does wander,
That of the ground does he enjoy and the skies that kiss,
The sun that slowly rises and greets this Land anew her worthy cause,
Smiles and all Nature at still hearth what sanctum lay indemnifies;
Crafts the day and emits the cold breeze through whence sought:
That our new days begins anew and their lives of all found again,
In beauty, and the fields that glow with green do shun not they,
In thought, to have owned the beauty but to walk and so owes us this,
To have lived and died knowing this of my bonding with all Nature,
Let not our transgressions destroy Nature but rather to rekindle it,
So that in years hereafter shall posterity witness the sun rising once more.