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As did see that daring light unto my face,
What illusion wrought my purpose unfounded dearly fare,
Frowned in me this new World ere lived now embrace,
That shining Sun that does mock my mind only curdles,
That this still and silent air as walked I from thence hither,
Motions my companions: see, what a world we have here!
Slowly arrives, and thought myself that had died and lived anew;
Tears that no water can procure; whence the Life does conjure,
Had lifted my ladder as my heart does lift me into the pearl:
That oyster mine endowed beauty in this world what not so ere described,
Sees neither land nor sea; smells neither tree nor flower; hears nothing,
Silence. Silence beckoned the wake; and these platforms whereupon stood,
Feels of this element encountered none; and cold to touch my ground dug,
Gasps what all fake; these parks and trees not of the Earth but this metal,
Soiled in the sorrows of Nature and watered with innocent blood,
These pillars that hold not seen but I have; below only so morbid as always,
But to hope and one day destroy this platform and the pillar held,
To know their profiteering business now ceases what millenium held they,
Creases my heart wounded mine as wounded this world Nature’s cry,
Does walk through the countless bodies suddenly dropped in decay,
And knowing what work ought be done to undo this terrible performance,
Though no world is finished; there is always room for improvement:
Was their argument they; though knowing what improvement how relative,
But agree upon this the objective which all agree is this perform forthwith,
While we approach his corporate palace and know his government ends,
Towards our end, shall make those sacrifices fraught with great purpose:
So here is the real world, and here the path to Happiness begins.

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