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How did thy finer detail envisage me that fairer pronounced;
For linger among the stars that shine upon you do shine,
That light does tempt me to shun it, and am only single winged,
Can never fly, though the bird in shape; can never walk for a Man ought,
In the yolk of myself am hardly human but fair demonic aroused there,
At long last while watching from above did I catch thy glimpse,
Encapsulates you that process to imagine of what my eyes detain,
As fair through night shall attach my heart those wings do spring,
Through which we alone cast our twilight gaze unto this world,
Forthwith do we depart and this world do we travel nearer us part,
Adjourns my doubt had you on mine did leave me for gone,
Though she can hardly leave me for so long as she reads me,
Shall I be the night that surrounds her at night and delivers the kiss,
That slowly brings her into darkness as we both endure the silence,
As conjuring we, slowly fade into the shadow and leave all behind,
So slowly do we bite into the life that weeps for their shadows bind,
Slowly descends into our everlasting darkness whole do we procure.

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