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Where this woman stands a fountain emerges,
From whence she gushes forth a water holier,
Thus that trinkles thereunto did rouse the garden;
There it planted wondrous hectares of roses,
All that envy; all that bow before her beauty;
A splendour so adorned neither petal nor leaf may cover,
The smile that melts thy gold and smudges all precious gems,
That sign her decree in the most fragile touch, my life given;
That from the mines from which our gems lay does she defeat,
Where all gems depart towards the core of our own Earth,
Thus her only fragment departs towards the core of her own,
Thou make’st my own Earth out of thee that I shall sing,
From what beauty lay neither close to water nor the Sun,
As wings depart and flying hence did gesture mightily ere glow,
Who dominates dreams and curbs the nightmare except none thee seen,
For I am blind and deaf and mute while so full as you can never hold,
As the way thou talk and walk’st as the way my heart performs likewise,
As the way you play this game with me as my heart does play with me,
But though conquered and mightily surrenders to the utmost power emitted
Shall upon my brow declare my love for thee as thy mother can never describe.

Based off a popular Italian folk song called “Tarantella del Gargano”

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