Home ยป These shores

Whence these shores those waves do sound,
As heart mine does sound that does water me so,
Felt upon that rock did find ye so solemn in disrespect,
Laid down and gazed upon that sky where seen ye doves,
For mine of love did find my energy to disrupt silence ye,
And swam; for I ought to be with ye as one while warm,
This cold that shrouds thy heart can no longer promise me,
Sets forth and sees me struggling while thy hand reaches just,
Calls my name and beckons me at thy side where warm common,
As though time stands still as us towards that sun slowly sets,
Holds ye close and upon thy breast did hear music in thy heart,
Gives me eternal rest that I may enjoy thy smile here once more,
So that our love apocryphal does bore Happiness immortal,
For this shape distinct that to lose ye would be to lose me,
To tell ye how much I love; to know how much I endure ye.

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