Home ยป Thus dark

But I am what my nature perceives me; am awake,
While asleep and sound in that warm bed thine,
Across the land I walk and slowly for I that enjoy,
Whispers through the soft wind that strikes me,
And lingers through my eyes that water slow,
Grains of sand from the sea through which I pass,
The smell of trees and mud through which I traverse,
In the night do I not enjoy that silence the moon bestows,
Ways of light that guide me through pitch black darkness,
I linger there; find darkness and so find me. There;
To enter my domain is to enter mine, and found the light never,
For that light is indeed the moon and is thy only light,
No torch or candle can ever find me, for I shall find first ye,
And when I do: there will be no nature to preserve ye;
As whole we as one, shall hold thy hand into my world tight,
Into this new world no light shed and swiftly escape at sunrise,
To that great city of darkness borderless and forever apparent,
Shall omniscient transpire meanwhile as night rules that land,
Upwards stare at that lake those ripples that float my heart so,
Delivers that kiss unto ye and feels thy roots as both we pass,
So that when posterity next walks through here shall remember:
Of that splendour this world accomplishes while eternally we sleep.
Sights that same lake upon which we soak ourselves love ours,
And that moon upon which we light and motion ourselves towards.