Home ยป Whence that cold does brew

He arrived at the bus stop, only a few yards far from the centre;
Did arrange to meet with one whom may he embrace,
Waited he at that bus stop awaiting his arrival that he may escort,
As a gentleman he would treat him as though a glass or diamond,
As a man he would certainly ravage him in bed adorned all round,
Buses came here and there; the cold was even becoming colder,
Alas no cold nor bitter wind could ever sympathise what have now,
For almost half-hour past yet no sign of him anywhere nor about,
Aroused that anxiety further the rage that consumes he,
Checking his phone every ten seconds for what could be hundreds,
Ground his heart burning to an ash that regrows as palpitate he,
Thus accepting his man never arriving on that birthday evening,
Walks home, and what thoughts do stray ahead in his mind,
Empty handed, wish shame that beckons the darkness in him,
Empty hearted, that to have wished he never loved to begin with,
All around with his hands shivering with cold; for no other hand held,
Watches as many go by and with smiles and chats does he ever envy,
Walking finally past his favourite bar and does slowly begin to realise:

Whence that cold does brew the drink that of mine rehatched,
Did give all for one yet none for me; avowed myself closer resolved,
To have drunk the night before and what words spoken to he disdained,
Known those feelings he, yet only pleasure perhaps escorts only wanted,
That date did knowingly fail, but perhaps to have failed him so;
To drink further in order to justify myself, yet none to justify me;
No, requires none for Justice here; no revenge there in pursuit,
His boots do click and all round would stare at him as he past walked,
When finally not deciding to drink and did wake up to reality as-is,
At that small park in the open road did look up at the crescent moon,
Whose great light upon his life did beam some Happiness meanwhile,
That to have walked so far now does finally look right and left,
To always have known his loneliness does become him,
And reaches his own home the silent that dismisses him,
Does slowly recuperate and warm recovered in bed resigned,
That of all this abrupt had changed him, and parts ways,
So that all the world will forget him and dismay.