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Seas that wash against me those rocks that barren lay,
Sounded upon me does the whispers that wind utter,
Casts mine upon this soul that of mine does transcend,
Curdles in me, that the ice slowly transpire in my blood,
Silence wherewith closes mine eyes creases me heavenly,
That sun does fall as do rise I shall walk through seas all,
Breathes in thy scent this restful sleep does give penance,
Those stars that blink and tear that rain succumbs ere,
Soaks me softly that this noise does deafen me what atop,
For the first time in my life does know this fate before ye,
And tears my own flesh as the tears extinguish me faint,
Sent myself here and my life forfeit whereupon shall task,
Reads my letter last those words, those streaks pass mine,
Am the only letter known;- for to know me is to read all,
So steadily whets my Conscience this life once had sped,
Sighs in my heart and slowly walks afoot thy sight behest,
Speaks my name, approaching does come sooner hither,
Consumes me in this wreckage and does fall through here,
To that ground there lay, does kiss my lips softly so well,
And her wet lips did soak my heart; and her eyes do charm,
Wets me that I through the ocean of life this last do I pass.

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