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Hence his car that braves through the snow,
With greater heart his warmth shall pass,
Ere melts it as happy he goes,
So visits his kids sans the fuss,
That with smile made thus better know:

Though emotions and he are shadows grown,
Through distant part his ambition remains,
Found his love but with charm spoke effortless,
Soon lost her through chores of work ere life held,
Still on the sixth Christmas since still he comes,
For the gifts of great gifts he offers chants
Not the gadgets and clothes; for it be he:
His presence here, yet love clearly remains,
The shadows once, now the dimmed lights covered,
Underneath the gaze of night whose icy tears
Blessed the family what love binds them whole that night,
For that night once his and love speckled forth,
In the midst of it all thus united,
From whence cupid’s dart never once erased,
Whose beating heart cherishes all then downed.

This the night be the great’st yet,
This love thus procured binds them both,
At long last in their bed now warm,
For in the next day his wife declares
Holy thine ere charity mine.