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Will you in my finest wine respect the light,
And from whence the colours blind the eyes glow,
Dresses in a distant fade the darkness banished,
That idol called ye God now calls me forth hither,
At token thus kneels and makes greater the foe was,
In the gestured frealty of the virtue once it lost,
Abstains never from what casted world ere fraught,
Step towards the blood from which many a fire escape;
Subjugated to an unholy arrest that feigns a way,
Looked inward and suddenly beseeches the darkness,
His eyes that widen at its path, so soon unmade,
Weeping and through halls of such, never reflecting;
Resolve and this fire so bitter and tastes the ash,
How fayre in great’st the song his dialogue he sowed,
Stabs me through the heart and my blood with venom replace,
Toxins vanish and purity fade while I am mouldly grown,
As I submit to all the poisons here, as they consume me.

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