Home ยป Towards year end

Alas my dear of whole year did greet me raspy,
Long endured have ye in my brow this for not,
Mated with all the dark imperils and whatnot,
Gave me penance towards the happy ends endure,
Gave me REASON for long awaited patience procure,
Alas not for mine but for thine had mine efforts
Prove not in vain but in great endearance of the latter,
For not mine and shall endure another year there healthy,
Shall endure never the torments, shall never aspire less;
Greater am I than the years ahead, and soon beheld better,
Thus shunned me towards the darkness yet appeared once anew,
Towards thus I shall be the day of light and the sun shining,
Alas can never happen without my companions and friends,
But for greatness sake I shall walk a new wind in my way,
Towards the ending of this year and towards the next,
Thus towards happiness shall yonder I go,
Proves me not for the bitter times of this year,
Therein must produce the sweet times of the latter year,
Marches heavily yet walks steadily in this I grow bolder:
Do wish ye all the happiest year in the upcoming time,
That erewhile had greeted you the least shall we rejoice;
For with every happy bunny does burrow deep into the Earth,
Shall we dig and spur the reward of great affinity again,
Shared with all and that brightness took ye for life,
Brings ye back from Hers and into one’s life thus pronounced,
Breathes once again anew and all thy cares be wares away.