Just way

Because his ghost resides within me,
In whom my heart beats more the heart waned,
For it were my flesh that shall make the flesh,
For it were thy blood that shall cure the blood,
As mine so boiled had utterly dissolved hence,
Greeted again this solemnly mane thus shook,
Silence beckons me again into a bending sphere,
Where all nights are tranquil as the light was,
Where I shall step outward and look there towards.

Once the light were

I once followed an owl hither towards the woods,
But once I starred inward towards the darkness stood,
Thus found myself sat with Her in the yoke aghast,
For none the silence greeted his dainty departure fast,
Hither took the hand of his utter friend but once known,
Creases the manifolds from which lingers never hone. Read More

Willow’s lament

Through the lake there lay a restful life,
Which under her brow recedes me a known rife;
Beseeches me for once I lay,
Sat me upon the slope her calling may;
Under the ripples that take effect my final thirst,
Shall once be quenched thy hand unto mine ere hurst; Read More

Light betrayed

Sometimes I oft wonder the gaze that brings me hither,
Surely not, but the passing of day and sounds mute fall’n;
His ears are swollen with the tender words she thusly gave,
Relapses into the silks of his last folds of that bed sought,
The wine sipped but grew his eyes a bitter image ere fought,
Who walks through night and observes once his own company played, Read More

Thus strikes my heart

Indeed, I am a servant to the love that shuns me,
And greatly under the spire whence I fall thereunto;
Bleeds a thousand from all four corners thus I rise,
Relishes under my brow as I sink deep towards the heaven,
Through the ocean of my blood had none but congeal esteemed,
Frail as grains of my dust scatter forth into the waves,
While through the shattered dawn as I break through, Read More

Endurance kept alas fought

For sorrow and I are friends greater thus knowing;
Great through that world of ours did find ye,
So fair did look to me and through my soul did stood,
Wherein cupid threw darts that I shall give him infinity,
Her head droops; her modesty races my heart so,
And smiles and where shall smile upon this day shines,
Brighter than eyes could ever behold, and what love! Read More

Desire better

Alas, lady, now we endure.
Though fair, even shining bright,
Indeed, we have better desire,
At ends meet, no larger forms,
Wherewith hers indeed!

Illumined love

My darling love, whose greater eyes shine,
May they illuminate my life as they yours fairer,
Not even hypocrisy, my greatest flaw may win;
Before her smile, equity in her breath:
Though never faint, with better ice attracts all.
Under better Reason, only love satisfied,
Alas, my lady fair, do I depart,
With restful grace shall I remember ye,
Though fall’n from thy grace do I forgive,
When next we meet do I beckon thy smile again.