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For sorrow and I are friends greater thus knowing;
Great through that world of ours did find ye,
So fair did look to me and through my soul did stood,
Wherein cupid threw darts that I shall give him infinity,
Her head droops; her modesty races my heart so,
And smiles and where shall smile upon this day shines,
Brighter than eyes could ever behold, and what love!
To have kissed her so fair and wise shall never break her avow,
That I shall offer her my heart a thousand and regrow another,
Feeling her at my chest of what beauty beheld Nature in me,
All women are angels; but truly the greatest is She who ceases Him,
And did cease me so great that I must have been dreaming,
To have announced both ours the intention for marriage,
Where no hesitation wrought my parents and hers truly object,
Known only for a year though the happiest of my life thus far,
But known that what love encompasses through tidals and mountains,
Known She our hopes still great and wild a night was always our first,
Until at last her parents did agree for such a marriage and declared:
Can marry my daughter but in exchange shall also marry her religion,
Uttered this to my parents, only fire did rage through our home;
When last that storm did calm gave reprieve and made final:
Marry her and so never meet us again, not even our inheritance;
Ah, what choice! To marry her but not be so; or keep? Choices,
And not my fault that I was born only so, but only so far;
Sounded made that smiles did start to decay, but a spark of hope remain,
Had been willing to give up mine for hers only kept unto hers lay,
Do my parents only recommend that mine fought unto her did lie,
Alas she wanted none. She’d rather her own religion be, and I her God;
Worships me at night and caresses me by day, her sacrifice does esteem,
Alas all Deities do weep alone and words are only masks of actions lack,
By day left my bed and note found hers be last for heart confronted there,
Swiftly by night did plan, and through the rain across the country drove,
Approaches her door and family: mine own clothes mudded, face smeared;
Did say that none may marry her; she loves me. Yet what these persons are?
Only obstacles; if I could I would deforest them my path be truly clear,
Reaches for her hand, but so cold that the storm does envy; my heart weeps,
Where tears that did smolder through the fire did boil in my heart as She,
Announced to her parents what she was prepared to disown for our union,
That with child did truly bear of mine; and kissed me upon my supple lips,
That upon hers did I kiss her and our child wrought for growth our own,
To say that this would be a happy ending? Oh, no; she was arranged.
Now knowing she had child. Did they sympathise? Nay, she was to abort;
Though refused; her father offered to perform it himself. This scared us;
She quoted the commandment whereof Thou Shalt not Steal nor Kill,
Though implying otherwise; did attempt with her mother holding her down,
Her brother only held me, and with rage that does coarse through me,
Through the rain that does give me strength the wolf in me does awaken,
Throws him across and through her family did beat ere her father performed,
Saves my daring love and our produce. As all eyes starred as praying mantis’,
Slowly walks with me outside into my car, her family does she leave behind.
Who requires God when you have me? I protect and create. I am thine;
Her eyes that did gaze upon me did rupture her own soul that I may enter,
My heart, that shall wound for her to repair again. My tools only there.
Happiness for a great while of peace together; though marriage not there,
We were neither rich nor powerful for both we disowned for our love,
But what planned. Through the many months until finally does she yell,
That through hers does cry the baby that does born into this world ours,
Names him Pheonix that our love reborn through his reborn,
Returns home soon but that Happiness can only last so long,
I walk into Thee and saw nothing but myself. Alas, you’re still there,
Finds ye in tears. Her baby that does cry in her arms does scream,
Had only to be draped in a blanket as no money could afford his basics,
And slowly sleeps into that depressed state what thoughts lay does transpire,
Takes her baby for to calm and successful, though not enough food indeed,
Gave her only fruit I processed; only would suffice in the meantime,
A job as only working on cars, only that sufficed; yet am only to live for us,
That one day did she then inform us that we are to appear in court,
Wherefore? For the custody of our own child, and therefore must fight;
But none to arrive at our defence but one who perhaps could arrange,
Her family had a lawyer; but what a law there. Claiming me immoral?
Lack of marriage; but am still her father. Though none would sympathise,
Damn Justice! So blind yet still has a beating heart and listening ears,
Though lost; and awaiting judgement did make my love weep so,
That further into darkness did walk and collapses where no light found,
Though I’m here; and have always been here. We are our own world,
She gazes at me only so faintly; and heart broken to know what expected,
A mother cannot part her child; but truly cannot be Justice for all this,
And found her overdose did she take and slowly fades from my hands there,
Into darkness fades, into that void where I cannot walk nor run does sleep,
Only my child and I; but court proceedings only did follow and announced:
That I may keep my child under the grounds that I am her father, and our loss;
Thank you, but now I’ve lost my love; what tears I utter aren’t relevant apparently.
Could not afford her a proper burial, but instead vouched to cremate,
Only I and my child attended; and did I push the button and watch her,
Through all the way did I watch her beauty perish into the fire slowly,
That of hers did my heart only perish too; my heart was burning, it really was;
Anger and pity, and sadness; for our baby to watch only at a year old this,
That I should join her and let my tears extinguish those fires and kiss her again,
Shall kiss my child again, and do tell him how safe he is with me henceforth,
Only given upon me were her ashes in a glass jar, and drove home with,
That upon our Bed at her bedside did leave that jar there that I know her here,
For days and nights did I weep. Who’s fault? I would never know, but nay not fault;
God can never revive, for he knows not how; a process linear as all ours,
And found that we shall live all our years alone you and my child,
That grown ye and at thy age still love me as thy only caring father,
Though am only so old; and prepared to meet her before God, my lover,
Know the jar there are indeed her ashes that do know, she is thy mother;
My lover, thy mother; and my sake does arrange myself to meet her,
To tell ye my son that does read this, and pass onto thy sons for posterity;
To know my injustice and found that what I had to go through,
And slowly closes my eyes thy kiss upon mine does resemble hers,
That with a single sigh does breathe out my life into the room and thy life,
My soul does exhale, but only into my true lover who does stand to meet,
Through that place first we met and kisses her again and lives again,
To enjoy life as it was and knowing what Happiness did we bequeath,
For love we truly do enjoy; and for Thee do I truly love to the end.

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