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Indeed, I am a servant to the love that shuns me,
And greatly under the spire whence I fall thereunto;
Bleeds a thousand from all four corners thus I rise,
Relishes under my brow as I sink deep towards the heaven,
Through the ocean of my blood had none but congeal esteemed,
Frail as grains of my dust scatter forth into the waves,
While through the shattered dawn as I break through,
The sky that awakes with a reddening gaze that rains the more,
Awakens the clouds that I shall fly and descend towards Her,
Into the arms of my great’st; through the Universe how small desired,
So fair and gushes out my blood and paints mine eyes with her tears,
Images me fine of her creation as I kneel before the waves,
Ere depart I, shall bestow none; greatness for long had lost in me,
Falls through the rocks towards the molten admonishment once was,
Fights the banishment of my woe, patents my sorrow with all hers,
As lifted my walking towards the light that weakens thy approach,
Addresses the light and thus strikes my heart to eternal fealty,
In thee, the fasting of our love gives us penance to one day meet.

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