Home ยป Willow’s lament

Through the lake there lay a restful life,
Which under her brow recedes me a known rife;
Beseeches me for once I lay,
Sat me upon the slope her calling may;
Under the ripples that take effect my final thirst,
Shall once be quenched thy hand unto mine ere hurst;
Whom the moon lightens thee,
Whom the sun departs from me;
Of the lasting call once made and trigger me fair,
That of the greatest shall make mine crawl but ne’er;
She her nipples had once given me life thus sought,
Mine the ripples that way forgone sorely exert ought;
Once in my place that fixed in that place all the same,
Shall dissolve into the Earth and no longer ye tame;
As my waters fall ere dry my equal space thus void,
Invites the slumber of my finest once my life boyd;
From hence my critters ferment,
From thence ye anger forment befall’n;
Falls onto me that no rain perish us both,
Through the space neither Universe love may;
In mine the last drop of my life unto thee ye lay,

Once we’ve starred albeit longer none but soothing take,
Saw yonder our places fair but no cumbersome fake,

For it be the passing of time once fought in us be gay.