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I once followed an owl hither towards the woods,
But once I starred inward towards the darkness stood,
Thus found myself sat with Her in the yoke aghast,
For none the silence greeted his dainty departure fast,
Hither took the hand of his utter friend but once known,
Creases the manifolds from which lingers never hone.

Suddenly, in the midst of all that were the trees silent,
That for all that was silence once made darkness fail,
That of the dawn once was thus the evening betrayed,
That the water broke and all was had soon be wept,
Once hers, for what shone and made be fair ere long made,
Stood at the core of her nightly gaze and below had fade,
To have seen me again from the utter light and once again,
His voice interrupted the darkness and once she gazed did see,
The approach as though the first had soon made her feel,
Surely happy but sorely in such pain soon dreaded backwards,
But nay, for forwards made and towards his maiden of darkness hence,
Greeted it once again but at the crack of dawn once again soon grew.

Knelt before that lake the same once frozen but now broken,
Towards inner sanctum there lay a brokered bird,
Once consumed for none the fire his love bequeathed shall entice,
For minutes as were made seconds the ashamed token of his behest,
Leaned over and beheld the figure from whence he knew the sight,
For it were his equal that effected the most brilliant of all light.

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