Hence he passes

Perhaps, of this gesture did pass and better way fought;
Sought longer but what matter fade hence he got,
Reflects on all this that pass; knows what had been,
Indeed wishes a greater but never lesser than him,
Indeed he grieves a thousand, but lives a hundred,
Such that he shall fly inward towards himself,
Thus his soul to escape into the abyss, never found;
We stood in the darkness but had nowhere to be seen,
And in his tears of his healing shall heal wounds another,
Once he stays, shall become the man never he was before.

Darkness path o’mine

Darkness that sweeps on my lonely feet,
Sanctions my only cure conjure,
Hearts lost once regained twice soars ye,
Unending joy this solemn night found,
Sings softly mine ear lofty hears thy voice,
Pardons, and upon my head bades her kiss,
Enlightens and once recalled to her place of joy, Read More

Dialogue: love & pain

Love is always baptised in pain. I prefer the latter;
Upon that branched oak do the birds sing and fare?
And in love, looks down at me as tweeting, envy ours they;
To love is to be; and hatred myself to only hurt that my heat bear,
Signs with fire upon my heart and engraved slowly,
Though ruptured slightly slowly walks still whence water ripples,
Goodbye faring Love; no sweet kisses can keep me here,
Alas, would never yearn to leave ye; rather more time spent,
Laments at my word, and sighs of what tears there part, Read More

For it be under wings flown

We are miles apart yet I am closer to you,
That through this cold does bind us this ice never melt,
Casts thy reflection upon this block does never heat,
That surely penetrates me so fine as closer do we kiss,
Through that line, and greets you in fine despair,
Sinks his head upon thy breast ere weep,
Aloud through beauty well conserved does brisk, Read More

Recess into their depths fallen

Reeling through the ropes as found my heart untwines,
Sears through my eyes what weeps inside never coated fire,
Counts my seconds and breeds through the minutes ere the hours,
Gowns me as loud the sound these grief this darkness curdles,
The boy who studies; the girl who works; that worker who works,
That lined to determine the cause, and does determine on books,
And works to produce; never creative but only does produce,
And worker does work, who only works to only live a second more to work,
Sought through this infinite loop does make me feel like turning, Read More

Slow motions

Along from these days that pass,
Here great the sighs hear amass,
Fares well and never great shone,
The steady walk thus made alone,
Slowly and silently thus motions,
Sooner glows and looks back, thus; Read More

Eluding to light

A mind so deep; here we delve deeper towards the dark,
There we shall dwell and bring our second thoughts arise,
The world that orbits around nothing yet so complex,
Thus our minds become more ambiguous and obscure absorbed,
Suffering in the silence that be; there we call it empathy,
We laugh because we have to appear normal to the rest of us,
We smile because there’s no other alternative than so,
Where people die from their lack of happiness thus and so alas,
Here we shall continue to smile, continues to smile; alas,
Thus expects from us the rest of the folk here we dwell, dwell;
In all hours that pass thus we sit and wonder where we were,
Thus we wander in the abyss beneath the light upon this realisation,
For that none the light never was can never more be revealed.

Ocean hither

Here once thus leave but great wooden ere lay,
For now I shall permit the waves take me from hence,
Here we leave towards the waves, towards the waves;
Yet minds as mine cleave my heart can never weep far,
We’re wells of our own deceit, and sink ourselves so,
Once time reminds and thus we linger here: here we shall,
That plank which we indeed bring ourselves forwards, thus; Read More

Final parting

As I am sat, but slowly see the flesh crawl;
It’s in the deception of my eyes to see so,
Gruesome as my heart weeps a great night low,
And fair in the ways of mine and slowly begins,
Gestured upon myself an unholy clown the mire,
Gazed at the endless rife but no beginnings found,
Cast myself forth the ways in which olden ways are gazed, Read More