Home ยป Born solitude

Fallen high and from the mount steep greatly made,
Shrieks of horror the utmost still hath shunned awry,
Fettered and utmost delight the branch were wreathed,
Sundered under the bane that shall of my flesh forgo,
Wholly corporeal yet so fine under a gaze weakening,
To declare and command my hatred at those above,
For linger I in the previous world yet imprisoned here,
For that I never free was; casts my brow but knowingly,
But Liberty shall resign me to Fate as the latter megrips,
Whose decision shall send Liberty to the darkness, the darkness;
And the the abyss that shall consume me here everlasting, everlasting;
Till the open wound that my heart can never heal is torn, is torn;
From the yolk of my own self pity but shall never of my fate be heard,
As the anger pours the sorrows of long last shall be awash, awash (alas);
Banished from hence and into the arms of my only companion: silence,
Who shall embrace never judge nor tinker forth my feelings bred,
Shall be the darkness that never shall I never see myself never,
And never walk amongst my own kind all the same as great once was,
For I am hideous now so much never the light had shone! had shone;
Though, as time passes I shall pass onto time the lasting of my presence,
Here that ends the time of what space effected, now no longer the space;
Because he has fallen and must now bear his own suffering alone.

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